Kai Larsen, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado at Boulder

Faculty Affiliates & Collaborators (in order joined)

  • Alexander G. Voronovich, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • Jintae Lee, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Eliot Rich, University at Albany, State University of New York
  • Paul F. Cook, College of Nursing, University of Colorado, Denver
  • Teresa Sakraida, College of Nursing, Florida Atlantic University
  • Karen Peifer, College of Nursing, University of Colorado, Denver
  • David L. Allen, Integrative Physiology, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Dorit Nevo, Lally School of Management & Technology, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Stefanie Mollborn, Sociology, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Mike Klymkowsky, Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Leli Pedro, College of Nursing, University of Colorado, Denver
  • Derek C. Briggs, Education, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Carolyn Rose, Computer Science, Language Technologies Institute, Carnegie Mellon
  • Dirk S. Hovorka Business Information Systems, University of Sydney
  • James Birt Humanities and Social Sciences, Bond University
  • Susan Michie Psychology and Language Sciences, University College of London
  • Lawrence An University of Michigan Medical School
  • David Gefen College of Business, Drexel University
  • Robert West Health Psychology, University College of London
  • Marie Johnston Health Services, University of Aberdeen

Ph.D Students (in order joined)

  • Jingjing Li, Business
  • Jeffrey R. Sweeney, Business
  • Xin (Emily) Pan, Information Systems
  • Sid Saleh, ATLAS
  • Ehab Ababneh (Developer), Computer Science (Ph.D)
  • James Endicott (Developer), Computer Science (Ph.D)

Ph.D Graduates

Friends of the Project (major volunteer contributors)

  • Zoya A. Voronovich
  • Melanie Roberts
  • Josh Price
  • Nithesh Dasari (MS)
  • Trevor Chambers
  • Zebula Sampedro
  • Nick Zager

Current Research Assistants

Former Research Assistants